We have spent years perfecting a system to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, design, and performance. All while minimizing time and maximizing value to our clients.

Initial Call (Month 0)

During this call we discuss the project vision and goals to see if we could possibly be a good fit. We can arrange site visits after this call if the client desires.

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Pre-Construction Agreement (Month 0)

This is an agreement we sign with clients to lead the pre-construction phase of your project. We tailor it to help with lot selection (if necessary), design feedback, permit coordination, and budgeting and construction planning.

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Lot Selection (Month 0)

If you already own a lot, skip this step. If you don’t we can assist in the lot selection and feasibility process. We have systems and relationships to help identify high-quality properties for your project.

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Design and Permitting (Months 1-6)

If you already have an architect relationship, we are happy to work with them. If you don’t, we have several we can recommend. There are multiple steps in the design and permitting phase, including schematic design, permitting plans, interior design, engineering, and construction documents.

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Budgeting and Construction Agreement (Months 4-6)

We develop detailed specifications and construction plans in order to eliminate unknowns and present you with an accurate budget. We also finalize the construction agreement with you.

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Loan Closing and Construction (Months 7-18 or more)

Upon closing of the construction loan, building can commence. Our average home takes 12 to 14 months to construct depending on a number of variables. By having a thorough budget and construction plan we can maximize efficiency in the field.

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