We believe in business for good. We give over 20% of our income to our ventures that train and mentor others across the United States and Latin America.


Our podcast helping builders build a better business.

The podcast has over 15,600 listeners around the world. We started the podcast in 2018 to provide free, accessible information in an industry where education is chronically lacking.


Jared’s non-profit mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities across Latin America.

Jared started Exponencialistas in 2015 alongside a team at the University of Texas after he saw firsthand the devastation of poverty on a philanthropic home building trip to Mexico.

Exponencialistas empowers entrepreneurs to transform their communities across Latin America. Today, the community has more than 180,000 members.


We are proud supporters of our city’s heroic fire fighters. We donate each old home we purchase for their practice and training before we remove the structure to make way for the new homes we build.